Friday, September 3, 2010

Guest from Esslingen!

Dear blog,

last week I got a guest from Germany to visit me in Jyväskylä! Sina came to Finland for the first time and stayed at my place. It was so nice!

In the picture we are in the tower at Harju, enjoying the view over the town. During the week we also did some shopping, ate at grilli, went for lake Päijänne cruise, went to the movies, swam in Aalto Alvari, danced all night long and saw all the planes in Tikkakoski Aviation Museum.

Naturally Sina also tasted all kinds of Finnish specialities, such as rye bread, oat bread, unleavened barley bread ("rieska"), Karelian pies, lingonberry porridge ("vispipuuro"), blueberry pie, Finnish squeaky cheese ("leipäjuusto") with cloudberries and some Finnish candies as well. :P