Thursday, February 25, 2010

Three days left

Dear blog,
so today after the exam in the morning, I had a little, tiny, minor panic about the whole going-to-Germany-as-an-exchange-student -thing. I made some to-do -lists and to calm my nerves, baked some unleavened barley bread, elikäs rieskaa leipasin. Those poor little things.. but they taste good! Sehr gut!

Oh! And I also started writing my official exchange report which every student have to do if they are going abroad. Oikein reipasta aloittaa raportin kirjoittaminen jo koto-Suomessa. :)


  1. :) Sounds good. Antero gets bored while I'm reading your blog all the time.. :D And he came here from Helsinki to watch tv at my place?? :D I think that's a sign that your blog is very addictive.. ;) And your rieska looks SO good!!! <3

  2. Thanks!
    I guess it must be so, otherwise you wouldn't bothered to check it so often! :P

    PS: Chocolate muffins in the oven.. Ready soon!