Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 85: Old Town of Esslingen

After visiting the castle we went for a walk through the Altstadt (=Old Town).

In the picture there is the Altes Rathaus (=Old City Hall) which once was the house of trade and excise. The Old City Hall is the center of the Marktplatz, the market square, because of the astronomical clock from 1591. The glockenspiel still sounds several times a day, the wings of the imperial eagle still beat the hour and the original movement from 1591 still turns the hands and the figures! The clock is unique and those are one of Germany's oldest clock movements.

We walked along the Rossneckar Canal and found the Wasserräder, the water wheels. The view of Rossneckar Canal from the inner bridge to the canal bridge is called "Little Venice" by the citizens of Esslingen. In the video clip I took you can see one of the oldest water wheels which is still in use and a small part of the "Little Venice". :)


  1. It looks really, um, harmonius. If that's word.. Like calming and serene.
    I read your blog from day 61 till to date- I had some catching up to do :) Sounds like you're having a good time there. Miss you sweetie <3

  2. It was really calming place, listening to the running water. :)

    How nice that you read my blog! I miss you too honey <3