Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 63 in Esslingen

Dear blog,

today was a rainy day.
It was gray and blue but still I wanted to go out so I went for a walk. The small stream flowing near our dormitory sounded happy and the nature around it were blossoming. The spring in Esslingen is more or less like the summer in Finland, even the lilac is in bloom already.
Syreenin kukat ovat loistossaan jo tähän aikaan keväästä!

In the afternoon we went again to Merkel'sches Bath with Barbara but this time we went to sauna. There were six different kinds of sauna but most of them were just warm rooms with eucalyptus or lemon scent. Aktivsauna with temperature of 90 degrees was more like the sauna we are used to, but there was personnel who poured the water, again with the smell of eucalyptus, on the stones.
The relaxing feeling after Merkel'sches Bath was just like after Finnish sauna though. :)


  1. JES!!!! Sauna!!! <3 Even you have went to sauna more often than me. I should go next wednesday when we have ladies turn. :)

  2. Oh It is really me who's posting,it's just Antti's account I was signed in though... XD Sorry...

  3. HAHA!!! I was just reading it, like "what.. Antti and ladies turn...?" XD

    But no problem, and yes, you should go to sauna if not earlier, then after I've come back to Finland again. :)