Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 104 in Esslingen

Peaceful moment.

On Saturday morning I went to the market square and decided to visit the two churches near the square. First I went to see a small and simple church, the Münster of St. Paul, which is the oldest completely survived Dominican monastery church in Germany. On the other side of the church I found an elementary school Waisenhofschule, which is so surrounded of other buildings that I had never seen it before! Even though I had passed it many times.

The other church I visited is Stadtkirche of St. Dionys, the church with the twin towers. After visiting the small St. Paul's church this one looked enormous! It was really peaceful though. There was some kind of rehearsal going on and I sat down to listen to them playing classical music. The other was playing cello and the other one small organ. I took a short video so you can hear a little bit of the music they played and you can also see how big and glamorous the real church organ is on the balcony.

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