Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 104: Strawberryfestival

Saturday was also the day for the 15th Strawberryfestival in Esslingen.

One of the pedestrian streets here in Esslingen was covered with red carpet and both sides of the carpet were full of small stands, small beer gardens, live music and also all kind of activities for children.

The festival was full of strawberry decorations, I saw people wearing strawberry t-shirts and some wore even strawberry costumes!! The stands were full of stuff with strawberry pictures on them; clothes, house decorations, purses, jewelry and so on. Of course you could also find strawberries in every form you can eat. I bought fresh strawberries with yogurt and with a cup of coffee I ate a piece of strawberry cake which was cut from the famous, huge heart/strawberry shaped cake.

It was so funny festival, people were smiling and sun was shining. Sehr schön. =)


  1. looks like a lot of fun! <3
    hugs, Anyah

  2. Ja Erdbeer-fest war viel Spass! :)
    <3 Grüsse Laura