Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 117: The Midsummer Eve

The Midsummer Eve was really warm day, we had +26 degrees and sun shine.

After school, the laboratory work and writing a report about it, I went to buy some food and then finally got home at half past six in the evening. I started cleaning my flat right away and made it in minimum time! I wanted to be faithful to my own Midsummer tradition so I went out to pick some wild flowers.

I found meadow buttercups (niittyleinikkejä), both white and red clovers (valkoisia ja punaisia apiloita), tufted vetches (hiirenvirnoja) and then some other flowers I haven't seen in Finland and didn't recognize. The sun was ready to set already when I came back after eight o'clock and I got a nice photo from the park on the way home.


  1. Meikä unohti käyä kukat... :''(

  2. Voiii :( No, ens Juhannuksena sitten. :)

  3. mut satu möyri pellossa jo muutama viikko ennen juhannusta ni josko se korvais vähä?