Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 105 in Esslingen

Okay, so on Friday the football madness begun.

Whole weekend I have heard all kind of noises from the parking lot downstairs. All the students from the buildings have been watching the game from a screen in the party room so I have heard the TV-commentaries, applauding, cheering, shouting, yelling and especially annoying horn blowing and honking.

Today I even saw the flags hanging outside the dormitory windows. On the streets I have also seen German flags in the car windows, some have even four of them! Never before in my life have I experienced this kind of sport madness..


  1. Hehe, this is my German flag hanging outside my window. Now you can see this flag every day until Germany won the world cup :) Nähdään, Lukas

  2. Heeh, yep I recognized that one was in your window. :P
    That's why I took the picture because I knew you wouldn't mind. Viel Glück mit Fussball!
    Wiedersehen :)