Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 105: Pan pizza à la Laura

Food blog alert, again! :D

Today I made a pan pizza. I don't have an oven in my room, so I needed to be a little bit creative with this pizza making.

First I made a normal pizza dough and shaped it as big and round as my plate. Then I put the base of the pizza on a warm pan and waited until it was cooked. After that I added the toppings: tomato, tuna fish, pineapple, cheese, feta cheese and basil.

Then I put the pizza to a microwave oven for few minutes and the cheese was nicely melt. But the base of the pizza was still too soft so I cooked the whole pizza on the pan again and it was perfect. Nothing is better than homemade pizza, I must say!


  1. arvaa mitä meillä nyt sitten tänään syödään :P

  2. Mitäs tänään syötäisiin? PANNUPIZZAA!! :P Eiks je?

  3. Anönymöys- byt nö reäktiöns ät äll.

  4. Hööh, meijän Teemulla ei toimi reactions:n täppälaatikot :/