Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 111: Köyhät ritarit

It was time to make some French toast, it's Saturday after all!

Last time I ate French toast, in Finnish köyhät ritarit (="poor knights"), must have been a very long time ago.. But I wanted to have something for dessert so I came up with this very simple one. In Finland we call them "rich knights" if you serve them with whipped cream and jam, but today we had only the poor ones without cream. Teddy seemed to like them anyway. :)

The origin of the French toast recipe seems to be in Spain, where this dessert existed already in the 15th century as torrijas which means "toast". The recipe must have come to Finland from our neighbour Sweden because we have the same translated name for it. The name on the other hand comes from the German version and it originates from poor knights in Medieval times.

Some names I found:

French toast (US)
Poor knights of Windsor (UK)
Köyhät ritarit = "poor knights" (Finland)
Fattiga riddare = "poor knights" (Sweden)
Armer Ritter ="poor knight" (Germany)