Friday, March 19, 2010

19. Day in Esslingen

Dear blog,
this week has been only studying, some more studying and partying almost every evening! On Monday evening I was out with Lukas and his friends. On Tuesday we had classes until 20:15 pm. Wednesday was St. Patrick's Day and we went to an Irish pub after German classes, which lasted until 20:30pm.. Well, yesterday there were two Welcoming Spring parties and we went to the other party, but I, and some others, left home early, onneksi!

So today I am very, very happy to just relax at home! I didn't have classes this morning, so I slept long and then visited Cristina to have Italian coffee and some biscuits. =) Yummy! Italialais-suomalaiset iltapäiväkahvit! haha!

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