Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2. Day in Esslingen

Today we had our first orientation day at school and as soon as we got out of filling in the needed forms, Lukas picked me and Eetu and another Finnish guy up and we headed to Ikea! It was heaven to me!

Eetu and I wrote a shopping list for Ikea on Monday evening on the restaurant's tablecloth (haha!!), so it was basically just walking through the aisles and grabbing all the stuff we wanted.

Huokaus. I'm so happy. The only problem is not having the internet yet.. But on the meanwhile the other Finnish guys let me use their computers. As I said: People are nice!

Over and out.


  1. Hello there! Nice to hear and see you enjoy your staying from the first beginning. Your photo of the classical city building is something that makes us think it has to be seen live... it means what about sparing some euros für Deutschland reise, jos vaikka kesällä pääsis käymään siellä, ehkä jo keväällä. I bet springtime is beautiful in your new home town. Until then take good care of Eetu and vice versa! Ü Hasse

  2. Well, hello there Hannu-Matti from Finland!!
    You two are so welcome to visit us here in Esslingen!
    Pennit vaan säästöön ja ei muuta kuin matkaan vaan! Varatkaa lennot jo nyt, niin teidän tulee varmasti lähdettyä. :)
    I promise to take care of Teddy.
    PS: Eetu oli lukenut tämän kommenttisi ja luullut sinun olevan joku toinen Hasse! Nauroin ääneen. :D