Sunday, March 14, 2010

Germany: Day 14

Aah, Johnny Depp! I mean, Alice in Wonderland! :D We went to the movies to see a 3D version of it in an international cinema in Stuttgart. I really liked the movie.

In the afternoon we baked a cheesecake and Lukas let us to use the oven in his kitchen, again. Even though he had just arrived to Esslingen! Everyone who got to taste the cake said it was delicious! And I agree. :P


  1. OMG
    I want that cake too!!! I've never baked or seen anyone bake a cheesecake at home! If you have time, could you send me the recipe of it to my email for example? ..and by the way, don't you have oven at your place? Too bad.. Good night! <3

  2. My first comment, hurraa! Kuola valuu ku kattoo sun leipomuksia :P And 8 hours of shopping! Huhhuh. Ja kävit jo kattoo Johnnya, I mean Alicea ;D I have to go too! Soon! Mukavaa viikonjatkoa!! Hali!

  3. Ooh! Thank you, my darlings, so much for commenting! Lovely to notice that you do read my blog! <3 Satu; I'll send you the recipe by e-mail as soon as I have enough time! :P
    And Susku; Johnny, I mean Alice in Wonderland was good! ;)