Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, 29. March 2010

Dear blog,
tonight I'll tell you a bedtime story about the nickname of the city of Esslingen. Auf Deutsch the nickname is Zwiebel, which means onion, lök, sipuli.

According to the legend, the devil himself visited the market in Esslingen in the Middle Ages. He demanded an apple from a market lady, but she recognized him as a devil even though he was disguised and the clever lady gave him an onion instead of an apple. The devil took a bite and was so disgusted by the flavour that he got really angry and screamed that Esslingen should be called Zwieblinger from now on! The devil never returned to Esslingen and still, every year people have an onion festival in the city of Esslingen.

So, here's a picture I took today when I was walking to the center. There are onions all over the city and they even sell some onion shaped candies!

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