Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some SERIOUS shopping!

OOH, my feet are screaming Hosanna!! What a day! We left home at 10:30 and came back home at 00:10. All day just walking and walking.. oh, my feet, my poor feet. :)

First we wanted to see the Marktplatz here in Esslingen because every Saturday there is a little food market. From there we took the train to Stuttgart to continue shopping where we had left last Saturday! haha! The city was full of people and we even saw a pianist playing outside in the warm weather.

After 8 HOURS shoppingmarathon, we gathered quite a group of our friends and had dinner in a nice restaurant called Tauberquelle Stuttgart. The food was really good, again. And we had a good time! =D After the dinner me, Cristina and Eetu went for one drink here in Esslingen, and now, here I am, finally, going bed.

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