Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today at 1:00pm on BBC's Nature and Science: Squirrels in suburban environment.

13/14. Squirrels and humans; how do they get along? Are squirrels too dangerous to have near playgrounds and schools where they might attack children or even University of Applied Sciences students? How aggressive squirrels may get when defending their homes? Episode includes exclusive interview of Finnish exchange student attacked by a squirrel in Esslingen, Germany. (60 minutes)
(Last broadcast on Fri, 25 Mar 2010, 01:00 on BBC One)



  1. Hahahaha, so you had a animal-encounter! :D As you know I love BBC's documentary, and this must be magnificent!!! :D GOOD JOKE LAURA!!! ;)

  2. Haha! Yes, I met the creature just today after school! I felt like a photographer from a TV documentary when this small, little, furry thing tried to frighten me away by making voices and jumping up and down on the branch! He was so cute even though he was very, very angry with me. =)
    Siitä siis idea fiktiiviseen Avara Luonto -jaksoon. :D