Sunday, March 14, 2010


Oh! What a perfect day! We spend eight hours just walking and shopping in Stuttgart with Eetu and Cristina! Wonderful! I bought a lot of clothes and a book and some cards and other stuff and then we bought the necessary supplies for cheesecake. We are going to bake it tomorrow with Cristina in the evening after we have been to movies.

We had a dinner this evening with Cristina and the Finnish guys here in Esslingen in a place called Weinkeller Einhorn, which means "Winecellar Unicorn". It was such a lovely restaurant!! It really was in the cellar and it was 700 years old restaurant in the old city of Esslingen. The food was really good and the service very friendly! Even the cook came to our table and asked if everything had been good. Such a lovely place. =)

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