Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We made it! Perillä Esslingenissä!

OH-MY-GOSH!! It's unbelievable in here! The city is so beautiful and people are überfriendly! Maisemat ovat ihan kuin suoraan yläasteen saksan kirjan kuvista; vuorten ympäröimä vanha kaupunki ristikkotaloineen, upeine kirkkoineen ja linnoineen ja viiniviljelmineen, joiden lisäksi Neckar-joki pujottelee laakson pohjalla halkoen keskustan pienet mukulakivikujat.

=I love it!

Our flights and arrival to Esslingen went really well, was it really just yesterday? What a long day it was. We got our apartments (kalustettu huone+keittoliesi+wc=yksiö! Yay!) and settled down, met some other Finnish exchange students, bought some food from a market nearby and even went to the the city center for döner and some beer with our local friend Lukas and his friends.  It was such a lovely evening. =)


  1. Looks and sounds really heaven. Here in Finland we have so much snow that our doors and windows can't close! And more's to come and is coming all the time. :( But through your life there we all readers can now live and forget about all the snow and how long does it take it to melt. :D Wow, was Ikea the same there as it is in here? What did you buy? PICTURES!!!

  2. Yes, Ikea was same as everywhere! I was so excited, again. :) Bought stuff only from the list, except one houseplant.. but I just couldn't live without one!
    And yes, I'll upload more pictures as soon as possible. Today I added some photos to facebook, so feel free to check those out!