Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 125 in Germany

After visiting the Ludwigsburg Palace, we went to have dinner and watch football to Stuttgart.

The beer gardens were crowded! Luckily we found a table for us near the TVs in a really nice corner of many restaurants. So, yes: I watched the game. Germany-Argentina 4-0 and you can imagine the joy and the celebration after the match! If you can't imagine it, you can watch the video I took after Germany made its third goal.

People were also celebrating on the streets, with or without cars, and the way back home took some time. Even police had to supervise the traffic in some places. All I can say is: Congratulations and good luck Germany! =)


  1. Good that you finally chose to watch a football game :) Now you can even see two more games!

    I'm looking forward to the theater evening!

  2. Me too. :) Good luck with your exams and see you on Thursday!