Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 135 in Germany

On Tuesday we went to Stuttgart with Mikko.

It was so exciting.. We were about to see my childhood idol live! But we were early, so we walked around the city and pumped into Hamburger Fischmarkt, which was a fish market in a style of the city of Hamburg.

I have never in my life seen these kind of markets that German people have. They astonish me every single time! People make such an effort for the market stands to look pretty and they always succeed. This time they had special shaped bars for fish market. All the other stands were really nicely decorated too, but these two caught everyone's eye: a pirate ship shaped bar and a lighthouse shaped restaurant!

The lighthouse had many, many flags around the building and I found the Finnish and the Swedish flag, too, and of course the German flag on the right in the picture. :)

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