Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 135: David Hasselhoff

So on Tuesday we went to see David Hasselhoff in Stuttgart.

He has just written a biography and he was there to sign books in a bookstore. I had heard many times during my exchange period that he is popular in Germany, but I had taken those comments as a joke before. Yesterday I really saw it is true.

The bookstore was full of fans! I was his fan when I was a little girl and watched Knight Rider on TV with my brother (who was in love with the car, Kitt). I hadn't seen him in any other program and hadn't really heard him sing. He was the Knight Rider to me. I wasn't the only one who thought him as Micheal Knight, some fans got his signature on their Knight Rider blankets even! David Hasselhoff was really funny in such cases, he always made comments about his fans. You could really tell that he was on show business.

Like in this video, there is a small boy coming to get an autograph for his book and David says "Oh look! A little Kinder!" =)


  1. Very cool, in Germany he have still his fans :))

  2. Yes, there were a lot of fans. :)
    It felt quite unreal to meet an american celebrity in Germany!