Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 125: Ludwigsburg

Ludwigsburg Palace is huge; there are 452 rooms in 28 buildings. It is one of the Germany's biggest baroque palaces with an enormous baroque garden.

Duke Eberhard Ludwig of Württemberg started the building of the castle in 1704 because he wanted to have a hunting lodge. Dukes and kings after him renovated the castle and added some buildings which made the castle more complex over the years.

Some interesting details from the tour in the castle concerned the technical equipment they had already in the 18th century. For example the kings and the queens had cannon heaters in every room operated by the servants from the room next door. That was of course very unpleasant for the servants, because they had to stay in a small cell with all the smoke of the fire from 8 to 10 hours.

The castle included also a Palace Theater, which has stage machinery from the 1758 and are still working. In the pictures you can see the Ludwigsburg castle and the inner court, the castle outside and the gardens from the south (one of the newest parts), one example of the cannon heaters (from the oldest part of the castle) and the Palace Theater (from 1758).

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