Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 130: Theater

I went to a show with Sina and her friends.

The open air theater was on the other side of the two tower church here in Esslingen and I was surprised how big auditorium they had for the audience. I was even more amazed when all the seats got full!

The show "Till Eulenspiegel" was GREAT! They had simple set on the stage but it worked perfectly. I liked the costumes and the colorful characters and the live music and the juggling and everything! I had no idea they had such a big group working on this play: 17 actors/actresses plus one dog (in the picture with the juggler), 6 supporting actors/actresses and 3 men in the orchestra.

The act was of course in German but it didn't bother me that I did not understand many words, I still could enjoy the good show. =)

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