Thursday, April 1, 2010


Dear blog,
this evening after German classes we went to Merkel'sches SchwimmBad with Barbara and it was like heaven! The Mineral-Thermal bath was so relaxing and made our skin so soft and the sauna was so nice and warm, but of course nothing compared to Finnish sauna. But still! Sauna! And right after the sauna we went to an ice cold pool! Sehr schön.

The building of the spa is very old and the architecture inside the house is very beautiful. The Merkel'sches SchwimmBad was first opened in the year 1907 and already in that year it included both warm and cold pools! It was called "one bath for all senses".

After the spa we went to drink one beer there nearby in a nice, cozy restaurant and now all my muscles are totally relaxed and I bet I'll sleep like a baby. :) Good night, moon.

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  1. Writer's own comment: Yes, I slept like baby. Ihan taju pois ja aamulla ihanan lämmin tasku. Kouluun oli vaikea nousta, mutta pääsin kuin pääsinkin ylös sängystä. :)