Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 54 in Esslingen: The Daimler Excursion!!

The excursion to Daimler was SO COOL!!

First they told us some basic facts about the company and the cars they produce (Mercedes-Benz) and THEN... then we got to the test drive tracks!! :P

They put on the whole show for us with truck driving extremely bad roads while we stayed in the buss and drove right next to it on normal road! The truck drove up and down even such hills as 60% and 70%!!

But the best part of the whole excursion was getting a ride in passenger car (of course Mercedes-Benz models, E500 STW and one convertible, and also one AMG Hybrid) ON THE TEST TRACKS!! What a rush!!! We drove max ~160km/h (it was only 3km track in total) but still it felt fast. The most exciting parts were all the curves! 45 degrees (you really feel the g-forces!) and quarter pipe, which was SO COOL! It looks like the car is driving on the wall! :P

In the end of the test drive track -trip, the buss driver (from the Daimler company and also one of the test drivers) drove the quarter pipe WITH THE BUSS and we were in the buss, too!! Best excursion ever!! <3

Äiskä: Päästiin mersujen kyytiin ja testiajajat ajelivat (me kyydissä) testiradalla, jopa semmosessa rännissä!! Niinkuin seinällä olis ajanut! Ei pelottanu! Oli vaan hauskaa! :P


  1. Hei!
    Siellä näyttää ihanan keväiseltä! :) Täällä sataa lunta ja on kovin kalseeta.. :(
    Olis kyllä tosi siistiä päästä käymään siellä!:)

  2. Täällä on aurinko paistellut ja lämpöä luvattu huomiselle +26 astetta! :D

    Willkommen! Tervetuloa! ;)