Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 37. in Esslingen

Today was one of those efficient days when you get a lot of things done during the same day. I cleaned the room and even the windows, went to the market and made a little walk. I baked some traditional Karelian food, sultsina, but didn't quite get the right structure for the dough because they became very scrunchy. But they tasted gooood any way. :P

The flavors of Karelia: rye dough, rice porridge and then on top of everything: boiled egg and butter mixed together. Mollillekin maistuu!


  1. Olivat hyviä, omnomnom :)


  2. Teddyyyyyyyy! Jeij! Kommenttia pukkaa! :D
    Ai oli ihan omnomNOM?! wau! thäänks!