Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 42 in Germany: Deutsches Museum!

On Sunday morning in Munich we went to the Deutsches Museum, which is the biggest museum of technology and science in the world. I was so excited! The museum was so huge that we should have had whole day to spend there, but we only had three hours.

The Museum is located on an island and I got nice pictures from the bridge (you can see the museum building on the left side of the photo) and from a museum window to the river Isar.

Because of the time limit, we couldn't study all the information from the museum, but as a Paper Machine Technology student I really wanted to see the Paper Technology part of the museum! :P
In that section there was a very small, tiny, little (but working!) paper machine. It was so cute! Så jätte söt! Tosi söpö, pieni paperikone. :) The paper part was only a small part of the museum, but it still showed the history of paper machines and the basic principal how the machine works.

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