Monday, April 12, 2010


Munich (in German: München) is the capital city of Bavaria and it is the third biggest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg. The name of the city comes from a German word for monks because it was monks who founded the city approximately in 1158.

Many of the buildings in Munich are built by the King Ludwig I, who was one of the first kings of Bavaria. Ludwig I liked the buildings he had seen in Italy and the influence of Italian architecture can be seen in Munich, for example in the royal palace (Munich Residenz, the first picture) which is the largest city palace in Germany and is nowadays open to visitors for its architecture and decorations.

One of the most famous beer hall in the world, Hofbräuhaus, is located in the city center of Munich. In the picture you can see Hofbräuhaus on the left side of the street.

At the center of the city there is the Marienplatz. It is a huge open square with the Old and the New Town Hall, in the picture you can see the new one, Neues Rathaus. In the tower of the Neues Rathaus is Glockenspiel, where you can see a show with music and life-sized moving figures at 11 a.m. every day.

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