Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 41 in Germany: MÜNCHEN!

Äntligen hemma!! What a weekend!

Vi hade en resa till München med International Office och jag och mina kompisar stannade över natt i München. Jag träffade min tyska kompisen, Bernhard, och vi hade jätte trevlig dag och kväll med honom och andra kompisarna. Det var tre år sen i Jyväskylä när vi hade träffat sist!! Det var verkligen dags att se varandra igen. :)

International Office arranged a trip to Munich for exchange students. In the morning we had a guided tour and we were walking around the city for three hours. After the tour I met my German friend, Berni, who I had met three years ago in Jyväskylä! Long time no see. Berni took us to a very nice Maelu café with amazing cakes! Yummy.

Our school sponsored dinner for all of us (exchange students) in a restaurant called Augustiner-Biergarten before the buss and most of the students left back to Esslingen, not everybody wanted to stay in Munich. Me and some of my friends stayed in hotel in Munich one night and in the evening we had some beer in Biergarten and good time in a good company. It was really nice trip!

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