Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 47 in Germany: Excursion to Bodensee

Oh, the Bodensee was so beautiful! We had a trip there last Friday with our German History course so the buss was full of exchange students. =)

We drove first to Friedrichschafen and visited Zeppelin Museum. In the museum we had a nice guide who told us the history and more of Zeppelin airships in one and a half hours. After the museum we had some free time and we went for a coffee and ice cream with Axel, a student from our school in Jyväskylä, who is doing his bachelor thesis in Friedrichschafen. He was so nice when taking us to one of the best ice cream cafés in the town with a view to the lake Constance.

On our trip we also visited the new castle in Meersburg. The castle had, of course, an amazing view from a hill to the lake and in the between there was the old village of Meersburg. It was really, really beautiful village!

The last activity on our excursion was the boat trip from Meersburg to Überlingen, which took about an hour. All of us went up to the deck of the ship and just enjoyed the ride. We sailed in the sun shine in a warm weather, we passed small harbor villages, green hills and sailboats, birds were flying in the sky.. Just beautiful.

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